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Session Clients:

"It was an incredibly touching experience. I can honestly say that I am a changed person. The person who walked through those doors is a different person walking out. A better and happier one. People close to me in my life say the same because they can see the difference.

I believe Thiago is a conduit for the Lord and uses his abilities to touch people’s hearts and souls. He certainly has with mine. For this, I am forever grateful."

- D.S., Gansvoort, NY

"I've had the opportunity to experience Thiago's amazing energy over the past several months. He is a very powerful healer. I would go so far as to consider him a holy man."

- B.D., Lexington, NY

"Thiago's Reiki sessions are a treat for the energetic body. His talent is immeasurable and almost otherworldly, as is the magic power of touch which flows through his gentle hands."

- P.R., Lanesville, NY

"I was fortunate to be referred to Thiago de Melo by a friend. He is an amazing healer.

The Reiki sessions addressed sleep disturbance I have struggled with for decades.

I am now sleeping better and wake up refreshed.

Thiago also was very wise in our discussions throughout the treatment process."

- J.H., Shokan, NY


"I am so happy to have participated in Thiago's Reiki levels 1 and 2 classes. I feel that more than a great opportunity to learn, it was a Divine Gift. His way of transmitting this sacred knowledge, which comes from a spiritual lineage called Holy Fire, is very clear and inspiring; one can easily perceive the love put into it." 

- A.M., Curitiba, Brazil

"Of all the experiences I've had with Reiki, this one was the strongest, deepest and most impactful. It entered my being with such power that now I can feel my whole body and hands heat up when I apply it."

- J.O., Curitiba, Brazil

"For me, this was really a special light in my life! After the class, my goals and life purpose became very clear. I also started to feel called to spontaneously share Reiki. I feel peaceful, balanced and energized for life, as I'd never felt before! Grateful."

- C.M., Curitiba, Brazil

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