45-min Reiki Emanation


(session only; no call)


In this distance session I hold a sacred space of healing for you and emanate Reiki for 45 minutes. We simply schedule a time and I send you Reiki. I'm always punctual!

Online Healing Circle


This is a community offering through the Zoom platform. It works much like an online Yoga class.
It's a one hour Reiki offering for whoever shows up at that time. No more than 12 people per session. All you need is a place to lie down and relax for 1 hour; that's it. 

Complete Distance Reiki Session


(more powerful session with  video or phone call options)


This session is more intensive than the emanation. It covers the entire body, chakras and energy field. It's overall deeper and more powerful. More time is spend focused on specific key areas.
I will also be available to connect through either video or phone call to talk about intentions, goals and anything that needs to be shared.



I am currently making free 10-minute Reiki offerings online - mostly every day; some days off  - to whoever watches them live. This alternates between Instagram and Facebook, so make sure to follow both: @thiagoholylight

Complete In-Person Reiki Session


(in my healing space)


Everything that the complete distance session offers, but you come to me. We meet in the same sacred physical space. This session has the benefit of physical touch to key centers and regions of the physical body. We also have a safe and private space to talk about your goals, needs and anything that needs to be shared.
Creating sacred spaces is one of my passions and thus part of the experience here.

Holy Light Reiki Certification Classes


(available both in-person and online)


Some classes are scheduled ahead of time and posted for groups of people to sign up, but most of my classes are done on demand. So please communicate your desire to learn.

*Rates above are in US dollars.

Give it as a gift!


I have gift certificates.

*Artist credit: Cláudia Guimarães.
The drawings above are featured in my Reiki Manual for Students. The man there has a big beard 
because it was drawn when I had big beard. ;-D

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