The Emanation

The Emanation is available only remotely and is the most accessible Reiki session offering. This service offering is designed to give an opportunity to those who would like to invest in their healing but are working with a limited budget.

This session does not include consultation. Reiki is simply sent punctually at the agreed time.

Communication: text or email

Duration: 3o minutes

Investment: 50 usd

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All Reiki sessions and classes can be gifted. Contact to get a gift certificate.

Holy Light Reiki Classes

Holy Light Reiki is a unique lineage and way of practicing Reiki. The living Energy of the Holy Trinity is transmitted through a beautifully organized method and system of practice - as detailed in the home study manuals.

Students advance through the initiation levels following well-structured parameters of practice and graduate based on their merit. 

Holy Light Reiki is fully equipped to train competent professionals. Yet the classes are for anyone desiring to advance in their spiritual path, empower themselves, build relationships based on the sacred and live in an ever increasing Christ-like way.

Reiki is not just a therapy, but a life style. It is not a religion coming from outside, but the Truth being revealed from within.

The Complete

Distance Session

The Complete Distance Session, like the in-person version but remote, is the full-power Reiki offering. It is indeed very powerful, but also completely gentle. Clients consistently report tangible experiences with the Divine Presence. The Peace is deep and all-pervasive and the smiles bubble up with ease. If you are working to heal something, this session can heal ANYTHING, given you are also actively invested in your healing. A consultation via phone or video (in the form of a relaxed conversation) is available. The session covers the entire body, chakras and energy field. Time is spent focused on specific key areas, as well as issues presented at the consultation or that may have come up without previous notice.

Communication: available through video or phone if desired.

Duration: 1hr session plus up to 30 min. consultation

Investment: 100 usd

The Complete

In-Person Session

The Complete In-Person Session, like the remote version, is the full-power Reiki offering. The difference is physical presence. This session is hosted by Thiago da Luz at his own personal sacred space, allowing for an enhanced experience in a safe and comfortable environment. Environment and physical presence have a huge influence. Thiago da Luz's sacred space called "Heart like the Sun" is a place where Holy vibrations are accumulated and intensified through consistent daily practice. It is meticulously cared for to cultivate an ambient energy  where people can simply relax and heal effortlessly. Enjoy a cup of medicinal tea as you set your intentions for your session.

Location: Eugene, OR (address and directions sent with your confirmation)

Duration: 1hr session plus up to 30 min. consultation

Investment: 120 usd

#1000Reiki Offerings

10-min offerings on Instagram for whoever tunes in live.

These sessions are ministered in complete silence. Just a simple way to get centered: tune in and breathe.

The #1000ReikiOfferings are free with donation option.

Follow: @thiagoholylight


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*Artist credit: Cláudia Guimarães.
The drawings above are featured in my Reiki Manual for Students. The man there has a big beard 
because it was drawn when I had big beard. ;-D

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