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I have just completed my fifth year conducting clinical studies on the benefits of Reiki in partnership with a private grant association which provided all the funds and determined the requirements.

I have hosted a number of different Reiki Studies with different healing aims and different requirements. Thus far they have all been in-person Reiki studies, for which I received volunteers at my Reiki space, called Heart like the Sun. The volunteers - once interviewed and admitted based on meeting the study requirements - each received a set number of Reiki sessions within a set period of time.

The volunteers were evaluated all throughout the intake period and audio recordings* were made of the volunteers answers of set questionnaires at both their intake and release.

This has been an incredible experience for me in confirming what I already knew: Reiki is a powerful healing tool. On a collective level, the studies are also of great importance in deepening the communication and understanding between the Reiki world and the conventional western medicine world - which is one of the overall missions of these particular studies.

100% of the volunteers reported having a satisfactory experience and all, except only one person ever, reported having healing or relief of the issue they came in to heal. The one person who did not report healing still reported that the sessions were beneficial in stress reduction and relaxation.

New studies may become available in the near future.

For updates, please follow my social media sites (links below).

*the volunteers' identities are always kept confidential.


Clinical Studies on the Benefits of Reiki

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