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*Reiki Juice is currently on hiatus,

but expected to return at an auspicious time.

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Article from Natural Awakenings Magazine:

Most people would probably think of Reiki energy as being transmitted by the hands of a practitioner, but in truth Reiki can be transmitted through numberless ways. 

    One unique way that Reiki Master Thiago de Melo has found to transmit this healing energy to others is through an organic green juice of his creation. It’s called Reiki Juice.

    As the name immediately suggests, it’s a juice infused with Reiki energy.

    “It started as an extension of my passion to work with water, which I bless and give my clients to take home after their sessions to support their healing process”, shares Thiago, “when the idea for Reiki Juice came to me, I thought it would be an amazing way to couple the power of Reiki with the natural nutritional power of the fruits and veggies in the juice”. 

    The juice has a specific formula, which according to Thiago was intuitively guided and meant to provide all the nutritional value needed to substitute a meal or do a juice cleanse should one desire to.

    “We first experimented at home with doing juice fasts, then friends and clients followed. The reports are consistent: people feel nourished, clean and full of peaceful energy”, he says.

    All juices carry the same universal intention, which is also printed on the jar label: ‘may you be soaked in Divine Love and Light’.


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