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Maintaining and Strengthening Your Personal Reiki Power

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

A person's Reiki power comes through an attunement to a Master. Once attuned, a permanent channel is opened for Reiki to flow through the person. This connection and ability will be there for them forever and nothing can take it away from them.

With that said we know that different Reiki practitioners attuned to the same lineage and level of Reiki and having the same training may still show different degrees of power to their Reiki energy. There are a number of factors for this.

Reiki is Spiritual in nature and therefore the strength of one's spiritual practice has an effect on the strength of their Reiki connection. Devotion to God, prayer, meditation and a consistent spiritual practice will most certainly strengthen one's Reiki power and also increase one’s ability to hold, digest, transform and flow greater amounts energy.

As a student in the path to mastery, as well as a Reiki Master who is always evolving and improving; it is imperative for one’s growth in Reiki (and any spiritual growth at all) to develop the Spiritual qualities that Reiki is all about.

If one has gotten to the place where they have received a Reiki attunement we know that there is a healed part of them that is substantial enough for the Reiki vibrational match to occur. However, it is rare that a practitioner comes into Reiki already perfected. Usually souls incarnated on Earth are here precisely to perfect themselves in this way. Reiki will give you everything you need to do so. All you need to do is be willing and receptive to Its Wisdom.

Living by Principles of Reiki and practicing self-treatment are a foundation for the student who wants to advance in their spiritual path, as well as heal and grow into their True Self through Reiki.

In general, the practice of Reiki is what will upkeep Reiki in you. If one has not practiced in a long time, one can still pick it up again at any time - Reiki is never lost. Consistent practice, however, will make It grow in you. Consistent practice will also heal you deeper.

Practicing self-Reiki everyday will connect you with more abundant Reiki and also more advanced aspects of It - so much so that at some point in your journey you may start to experience miracles. Although there really is no pre-requisite for miracles to occur (they are fruits of Divine Will), the advanced practitioner does witness them more often because their consciousness is much more attuned to them.

The fact that Reiki comes from Spirit, does not mean we bypass the physical aspect of our existence (the physical is in truth also spiritual). Physical fitness and nutrition also have an influence on your Reiki abilities. Your mental and emotional health do too.

The purer the vessel (body, mind, soul) the greater the Reiki. In a general sense, all thoughts, words or actions are either in alignment with Reiki (and therefore adding to its growth in you) or are not in alignment and are detrimental. Of course, through Reiki you always have the choice to tune in and rise above the levels of detrimental thoughts, words and actions.

It is immensely important for us to let go of negative thoughts and dismantle negative believes. It is also of great importance to refrain from using language that carries negative vibrations or using the power of speech in negative ways. Finally, it is essential to practice acting from a place of awareness and a positive vibrational space, responding to situations from that space instead of impulsively reacting to them.

The key to these conscious choices is in the development of will-power. We must have the will-power to break our negative conditionings and in order to do that we must make the decision that we will choose Divine Nature at all times. This decision must be made prior to any possible trigger of conditioning and must be imprinted on our souls as our default for life. In every situation ask “is this in alignment with the Divine Nature within me?”; and the answer always comes through Reiki.

To develop a truly powerful will, we must attune it to Divine Will.

God has also created a multitude of Angels and Archangels to help us. There are also many Enlightened Beings (who are angelic by their becoming so) who are complete and pure expressions of the Divine and are ready and willing to help us. Being open to their help is one of the greatest things we can do in life. And their powerful energy field can hold us above the level of our conditioning, giving us clarity and empowering us to make better choices. This does not mean we need to connect with them personally, a true Divine Being is identified with God and resorting to God in a general way is enough.

Holy Light Reiki has Lord Jesus, the Christ, as that Supreme overseeing Help. Jesus is always available to anyone who chooses to enter into a relationship with Him (Reiki or not).

Ultimately the greatest way to boost one's Reiki power is by realizing where the power comes from to begin with and being in right relationship with that Source.

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