12 Things I learned from my Reiki practice.

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

My healing journey with Reiki has taught me so much. I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve many people from all sorts of different backgrounds in this capacity of a healing professional. I always strive for excellence in everything I do, so I sought to provide each client with the best possible energy, environment, professionalism and overall help. It has been a truly amazing journey and I have learned so much. 

A portion of my clientele were people who were coming just to have a relaxing experience; to enjoy Reiki. And that’s a great reminder: Reiki can and should just be enjoyed. No one needs to have any issues to enjoy a Reiki session. 

With that said, the majority of my clients and also the many volunteers I treated as part of a series of clinical studies funded by a major New York medical institution, were people working on issues they knew they had and for the most part were struggling with. 

No matter who comes in and what their reason, I always receive everyone with great interest and also great attention. I love what I do and when you love what you do you pay attention. And when you pay attention, you learn.

So, I had this playful idea of writing 12 things that I have learned from my experience thus far. Now, this is not meant to be transmitted as a formula or as one more of those "laws of healing" type of things. They are what I have experienced and, therefore, can testify. I am writing them right now as I contemplate my journey from an honest place. I have certainly learned more than 12 things. But without overanalyzing it and sticking with only what I truly learned from experience, here are the 12 that comes to me (in no particular order):

1) No matter what people have going on, they always want the same thing and they heal when they get it. And that is: they want to be loved

2) There is profound healing power in just listening with total presence to what people have to say. But not just listening, witnessing their experience as if it was your own (in their “shoes”) and holding an energy field where difficult energies (emotional, mental or spiritual) can be released, purified and healed; whereas this couldn’t easily be done otherwise. Being understood by another person is healing

3) The most powerful force for healing, as far as people go, is their own will to heal. The second most powerful force is their beliefs. But a negative belief can still be overridden if there is a strong will; specially with the help of a healer. You can give a temporary relief to anybody, but ultimate healing comes to those who want it.  

4) There are hierarchical layers to our being. Solutions for the physical layer is in the mental/emotional layer. Solutions for both the physical and the mental/emotional layers are in the spiritual layer. The Spirit is the source of Beingness, Consciousness and Energy. The most powerful method of healing is going to the Source of Health, not the source of disease. Put the King/Queen back on the throne and you have healing that defies all science (really!). Ultimate and permanent healing is a thing of the Spirit, anything else is at best temporary relief.  

5) If health and order are not the same thing, then they must be inseparable twins. I personally have never seen the presence of health where order was also not present. Order is a universal law, if we want health we must organize ourselves.

6) No situation - I will say it again - NO SITUATION is beyond healing. If you are still alive, you can heal and, more than that, also begin to thrive. Some healers can bring dead people back to life too. :-)

7) God’s Will is always done. A true healer operates within It, not separate from It

8) For me, a balance between having a cohesive and structured system and operating intuitively proved best. Having no structure or system of healing leaves things up in the air and you operate with whatever the weather of the day. Rigid adherence to a system, though, makes you mechanic and robotic while healing demands our living and dynamic intelligence. 

9) For me, knowing who your Master is, is of paramount importance in energy work. I find that energy work can be dangerous if you don’t know who the authority is and are not 100% with that authority. Needless to say, that authority must be unquestionably enlightened and benevolent. I have one Master who presides over all that I do energetically, not a few, not a couple: one. This, for me, has been super important as the energy work has always been both powerful and safe. That doesn’t mean I don’t have the help and friendship of a multitude of beings (I do). But all are under one specific authority. I believe in being a devotee of many, but disciple of only one. 

10) The mind has both affirmation and negation powers. Both are important. Both the healer and the healee need to affirm the wanted and negate energy and reality to the unwanted. As the healer you must compensate for the lack of consciousness in your healees. Many people seeking healing first arrive with a whole culture of unhealthy habits and beliefs and they will need to be dismantled for the sake of that healing.

11) My healing work is divided into two time sections: chair time and table time. The healing journey is about gaining consciousness of the Way and gaining energy to apply the Way. Chair time is talk time and in talk time I speak the Way. I actually listen quietly most of the time. But when I speak, I do so with the purpose of healing through the word. As a healer, we can't foster dependency. We need to empower and the first step is education. Knowing the Way is healing. And then, the power to apply the Way in life is needed and that’s the table time, which is the energy work. That part is usually done in silence; sometimes there’s some chants, visualizations or affirmations if appropriate. So in other words: no pill business. It's about educating and empowering.

12) Ooh, this is number 12 and there’s so much more I'd like to share. Well, so to end I’ll say that I learned that all people (even some shady people) are absolutely amazing when you have the opportunity to reach their heart. I mean, they are walking universes! Yes, there is a lot of superficiality and lack of substance out there too. But not in the heart. To reach people’s hearts quickly and effectively you need to have the preset decision that you will believe in their goodness and love them. I believe that God lives in all people's hearts; some are revealed and awake while others hidden and asleep. With that attitude - plus a substantial dose of bravery - we can override any toxicity they might give off. It’s like a benevolent spiritual warfare. You first need to be suffused with Love yourself and then resolve that you will win over any resistances to that Love that might be present with them, no matter what happens. I'm talking about approaching them with Divine Love and doing so gently, but unmistakably. You need to be all Love and no fear. You'll always win like that and they will always win too. I call this communication Christ to Christ or Atma to Atma depending on the language of preference; meaning True Self to True Self. I have been very effective at this because who can resist Love? I dare say not even God if it’s true Love. 

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