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What is Reiki?

           Reiki is vital energy guided by Divine Consciousness.

       Reiki is used therapeutically to heal anything one desires; as a preventive therapy; or to simply feel good, wind down, relax. 


          Reiki goes beyond therapy however, much like Yoga goes beyond fitness. Reiki Masters experience Reiki to be living and super-intelligent and have made the lifelong decision to embody It to the best of their capability and feed their Spiritual practice with It.

And what is Holy Light Reiki?

             Holy Light Reiki is a lineage and method of practicing Reiki.
It is sourced and presided by Lord Jesus Christ and its power is that of the Holy Spirit.


           Holy Light Reiki was not planned to be developed, but revealed and guided mystically through a process of intensive fasting, prayer and Divine ecstasy.

            With that said, anyone can receive Reiki from a Holy Light Reiki practitioner without any religious implication whatsoever. It's about the experiencing the Healing Energy directly. The Energy of Holy Light Reiki is of Divine origin. It is unconditionally loving and benefits everyone no matter what.  

How long is a session?

The Complete sessions (both in-person or distance)  are 1 hour of on table healing work plus up to 30 minutes of talk time (consultation, sharing, intention setting, etc.).


The Emanation session is 30 minutes of Reiki without talk time.

What should I wear for a session?

Nothing you wear will interfere, but it's recommended you wear light, comfortable and unobstructive clothing. Avoid buttons, metal, jewelry, etc. 

All in-person Reiki sessions are done clothed.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I take cash, check, credit cards, PayPal and Venmo.


Please note that an additional 4% may be added for the processing of credit cards or electronic payments.

I'm pregnant. Can I still have a session?

Absolutely! Reiki is highly beneficial for mother AND baby.

I’m under 18. Can I have a session?

Yes! I'll just need a signed authorization form from a parent or guardian.

They are welcome to come in with you for in-person sessions or I can email you the form for distance sessions.

Do you treat pets too?



A session for a pet is equivalent to the Emanation option for a human.

I treat pets only with distance sessions.


If possible, accommodate your pet in their little comfy spot preparing their space with intention for them.

If they are too restless, let them be. They will receive the healing anyway. 

Should I take my shoes off before entering your space?

Yes, please!

I'm already perfectly well. Can I have a session?

Absolutely! These sessions can be taken preventively or to simply have a relaxing experience. The Energy can empower intentions, expand consciousness and accelerate spiritual growth; to name a few benefits. 
Ultimately, the benefits of these therapies are countless - specially when taken on a regular basis. If you're already well, they'll surely take you to even better.

I want to book multiple sessions. Do you have package deals?

Yes! Packages are available for the Complete sessions only (in-person and distance).

They need to be pre-paid. They are not refundable and are not transferrable to others.

3-session package: $25 distance/$30 in-person discount - valid for 3 months;

5-session package: $50 distance/$60 in-person discount -  valid for 6 months;

10-session package: $100 distance/$120 in-person discount - valid for a 1 year.

I need to cancel an appointment...

I kindly ask that you give me at least 48 hours notice.

Any cancellation done in less than 24 hours will be charged in full - unless it's an emergency.

How does a distance session work?

You schedule a time the same way as if you were coming in for the session. Then lie down in the safest, cleanest and most sacred space available to you to receive your session. Make a strong intention to be receptive to the Energy you will receive - if you pray, please do so. Also make sure you won't be interrupted by anyone or anything during your session.

Please be punctual; I will also be. If you chose the Emanation session, it will begin right away at the appointed time without a call. If you chose the Complete Distance session, the session will be longer and more powerful. We will also connect via video or phone (unless your preference is not to do so), for which I will call you at the appointed time.

Do you teach what you know?

Yes! I teach Holy Light Reiki. And it is one of my greatest joys to do so.


Holy Light Reiki is taught through a very elegantly organized system of initiation. Students come for initiation classes (or attend online), receive a manual with in-depth information, receive practices they need to accomplish beyond the classes to advance and grow in Reiki and are certified to work and teach under this method if they so desire.

Reiki training is not just for those intending to use it professionally.

Reiki is a life-style. Reiki training empowers you to live your life more skillfully, peacefully and beneficially for yourself and the whole of Creation.

Please communicate if you desire to learn from me or have questions about classes.

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