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Certification Classes

Available on request

In-person or live online

Classes are posted from time to time, but also taught upon request. Please reach out if you are interested in learning. 
Holy Light Reiki classes are taught both in-person and live online.     


         Holy Light Reiki is the real deal. It is very powerful and truly sacred.
Holy Light Reiki was not merely created out of a man's decision to do it, but revealed through a series of Divine transmissions. Thiago da Luz received the empowerments necessary to found Holy Light Reiki through an intense, 21-day process of prayer and fasting in complete isolation in a forest mountain. Thiago had a life-altering experience with Lord Jesus Christ following the completion of that process. Real Divine Consciousness and Energy empowers Holy Light Reiki. It is rooted in the supreme authority of Christ. 

Holy Light Reiki gives you everything you need to use Reiki therapeutically, but it is so much more than just therapy. It is a legitimate spiritual path based on direct experience and practice. It does not entail religious affiliation. It is not so much about beliefs, but about the tangible results each one experiences directly by easy practice instructions.

        Holy Light Reiki is both a lineage and method of Reiki. It is a complete healing practice system.

      Students of Holy Light Reiki are immersed in an initiation journey that encompasses more than just the classes they attend. They are given specific and measurable practice requirements to complete before they can ingress in subsequent levels. This increases the value of this system as it is both the fruit of Divine Grace as well as self-effort. They also participate in Healing Circle gatherings and receive Reiki from their Reiki Master. It is a method designed to build real Reiki Masters (master = excellent at). And by the time they do get to the master level, that certification is packed with merit-based value.

       In Holy Light Reiki we also acknowledge the need to uphold moral and practice standards. A
 beautifully illustrated and richly informative student's manual is provided along with the initiation class. The Holy Light Reiki Student's Manual equips students not only with the specific techniques they need to practice Reiki, but also with the wisdom from which they must practice. Holy Light Reiki is characterized by high standards of practice.

Holy Light Reiki students who attain the master level can then become teaching Reiki Masters themselves, inheriting the solid teaching system and high quality manuals of Holy Light Reiki. Thus in addition to the opportunity to learn and grow spiritually through studentship, there is also a great professional opportunity for Reiki Masters.

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