• Announcing 2021 Holy Light Reiki Classes •

All classes online via Zoom

Holy Light Reiki level 1 Certification
(Channeler of the Holy Light)

• April 17 and 18
• June 26 and 27
• July 24 and 25
• August 21 and 22

*Each set above corresponds to one Reiki 1 certification. All of them are Saturdays and Sundays. Times are 9am-4pm pacific or 12pm to 7pm eastern time. Anyone fluent in English is eligible. Rate is 444usd (min. 111usd non-refundable deposit to enroll).

Contact for more info.

Holy Light Reiki level 2 Certification
(Flame Bearer of the Holy Fire)

• December 3, 4 and 5

*This class requires completion of Reiki 1 plus other practice requirements explained in the manual. Friday 12/3 is from 4pm-6pm pacific or 7pm-9pm eastern. Saturday and Sunday are 9am-4pm pacific or 12pm to 7pm eastern time. Anyone fluent in English is eligible. Rate is 444usd (min. 111usd non-refundable deposit to enroll).

Contact for more info.

2-step registration:

1) Make a payment of a least the deposit amount or more to paypal.me/HeartliketheSun

*any remaining balance will be due 10-days before your class date. The deposit amount is non-refundable. If you wish to use another means payment, please contact.

2) Send an email to heartlikethesun@gmail.com with the following information:

Full name; DOB; Phone Number; Mailing address; How you found out about the class; email used for payment if different.

You'll get a confirmation as soon as possible.

Is your heart calling you to learn Reiki? Contact me!

Most of my classes are offered upon request. So please communicate your desire to learn.


It is my joy and priority to create loving and sacred experiences for my students and for that reason I often offer my own space to host classes; where we have tranquility, the safe space to be ourselves, the opportunity to have in-depth learning and enjoy delicious meals together (organic/vegetarian).


Levels 1 and 2 of Holy Light Reiki classes are also available online.

Holy Light Reiki is the real deal. It is very powerful and truly sacred. 


It came through a series of Divine transmissions, a 21-day fast process and a life-altering experience with Lord Jesus Christ.

Holy Light Reiki gives you everything you need to use Reiki therapeutically, but it is so much more than just therapy. It is a legitimate spiritual path. One that is based on YOUR inner experience of the Divine. It does not entail religious affiliation, but it is only for those with a sincere love for God (in their own way). We use some language and imagery associated with the Christian tradition and as well as Yogic Wisdom, but it's a universal practice. Anyone with a sincere love for God is suitable to walk this path and you can practice any bonafide religion so long as there is harmony with some basic ethical and loving principles.


It is a path in which you have non-invasive, non-dogmatic guidance. The path is made of both Divine Grace and self-effort; both are essential. It is a very practical path and everything you need is well structured and explained in the student's manual. The classes also give you key information, but they are mostly about the empowerments and practice time.


Your own self-empowerment, self-responsibility and self-discipline are emphasized. It is a merit-based path of Reiki. You advance by meeting defined practice requirements, not by merely enrolling for class. A master of this lineage is designated so by their excellence in practice and discipleship in God (in their own chosen way of expressing that).

The best way is to experience it! Level 1 is an open level, meaning that there are no practice requirements to enter. You receive everything you need to heal yourself and others - both in-person and at a distance - right at level one.

Overall, everyone who has ever done this training loved it. You are always enveloped by such Divine Love and Light. You always remain free and never give any power away. You may however be conquered by the irresistible Divine Love and we hope you will. :-) 

Holy Light Reiki is set up to graduate teaching Reiki Masters who will have a solid teaching system and manuals to teach from. So on top of a great opportunity to learn and grow spiritually, there is also a great professional opportunity.

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