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My name is Thiago da Luz. I am a Reiki Master, Healer and Teacher.

I am the founder of Holy Light Reiki - a lineage of Reiki that has Lord Jesus Christ as supreme authority.

Before developing Holy Light Reiki, I received training and hold the master degree of the following lineages of Reiki and Energy Healing: Usui/Tibetan; Karuna; Holy Fire; Christ Heart and Integrated Energy Therapy®. I have also been initiated into Kriya Yoga. 

I began my Reiki studies in 2008 and received the Master degree in 2015. From that moment on until now, there has not been a single day that I have skipped self-practice. I also began working with Reiki professionally right away from my Master initiation. Since then, I have used it abundantly and consistently to heal others both in the setting of my Reiki Space (which I call Heart like the Sun), as well as through distance sessions. I have also been part of out-reach programs, clinical studies and volunteer work.


Teaching Reiki is also a big part of my work (I consider it Holy Work). Serving in the capacity of Teacher to help students heal from within and grow in knowledge, empowerment and love for God is my great Joy! 

Reiki is both the daily practice that keeps me happy and healthy, as well as my full-time job. I absolutely love It!


I was born and raised in Brazil and I moved to the USA in 2005 to pursue a music career. Music is still a big part of my life, but before Reiki came along it was all I cared about and I could not conceive of myself doing anything else. And yet Reiki came along and changed everything!


I always say that Reiki chose me. This is because I never consciously sought to do what I do today. I believe it is God's plan for my life and that at the Soul level I did agree. In any case, the fact is that I am deeply grateful that Reiki came along and changed things around, because things changed for the better. The process, however, was not so easy as it entailed a great refurbishing of my life and really of myself.

I was first introduced to Reiki in 2008, when I lived in San Francisco. It was a very transformational time for me as I had previously been living in New York City, a place that can often prove very rough for energy sensitives like myself. I experienced the Bay Area (at that time) to be a lot lighter and as a weight of stress was lifted from me I, then in my twenties, was for the first time able to get more quiet and therefore look within myself and explore what I found. I started to experience a wave of spontaneous openings of my consciousness and I felt immensely drawn to esoterics, metaphysics and the Wisdom Teachings of all traditions. I applied and was admitted into a 3-year metaphysics program in the Bay Area and also undertook psychic training. It was a time for "downloading" information and I felt I had already known those things before so I was really just remembering.

I enjoyed all I was learning, but at this point it was all still seen by me (not by my Higher Self) as just a hobby. I was still very immersed in my music career, which at this point was starting to grow. But I certainly loved all the understanding and expansion of consciousness that I was gaining. I know now that Divine Grace was preparing me for what would come later.

And so the easier and lighter season of book learning and consciousness explorations gave way to the more challenging and more real initiations of service to others and fight-for-life challenges. A 7-year period of serious disease coupled with negative-spirit attacks in the family can provide for that. I was positioned as the only person (in the physical) who could help and with it the choice of walking away to continue to pursue my music dreams or to stay and fight for a person I loved and was on the brink of losing. I stayed! It was not without great inner conflict, as the choice entailed leaving behind a long awaited release and tour plans with my music. In fact, it was leaving the work and the entire life I was living up to that point in favor of serving as a channel for God to do greater works. And what could be more important than the work of saving another person's life, let alone someone you know and love. I did something different than what I was regularly doing before. I allowed God to do His thing through me. I allowed Him to purify and heal me (I'm still a work in progress). I also faced my deepest fears and pulled out the strong claws of false consciousness and desires from my mind and heart. I truly died! And I was reborn. And a healer had surfaced; one who eventually would become a Reiki Master.

In the darkest days of that "spiritual war" I was going through, I made a very powerful prayer. I say powerful because the need was so strong. Because I was alone (in the physical) not only dealing with what is conventionally understood as illness, but also the less understood and nasty issues of psychic attack and spirit attachments - which I had found no help for -  I said: "God, I understand I need to keep my mind attuned to positive thoughts and I need to vibrate positively. But I'm exhausted and I can't do it alone. Is there something or someone that can hold me and keep me in that positive place? If so, I say 'yes' to It"?

My prayer was very sincere - and a bit ironic, since I was asking God for God. Well, the thing is that until one is truly initiated through the direct experience of God's Love and Light, one does not really know or feel God to be real - even if one believes in Him/Her/It. This is the difference between a belief-based spirituality and one rooted in the strong foundation of direct Self-experience.

After that prayer a few things started to happen. Everywhere I looked - a sticker on a car, a writing on a wall, a phrase in the middle of a book - I saw these words: "God is Real". I also started to feel a reconnection with my childhood hero Jesus - whom I had somewhat pushed away by entertaining negative thoughts toward the Christian religion and putting Him in the mix. And finally, as if I had arrived at the point in time and space agreed upon by my Soul, I met my first Reiki Teacher - seeing a golden Light around her and the company of Angels, I knew (or remembered) I was to learn Reiki from her.


Reiki was quick to the task. It was the only thing that pulled me out from the depths of all that suffering. I was purified, healed and transformed. Eventually, in addition to my Soul-agreed first teacher, I met other Reiki Masters and learned from them as well. It became clear that Reiki was my path and mission. 

I became a Reiki Master in 2015 and from that point on there has not been a single day that I have not used Reiki in some way. 

There is absolutely nothing that Reiki cannot heal and I have seen, through my own channelings, real-life miracles happen.

This is so because Reiki is the Power, Love, Light, Peace and Healing Balm of God. While Reiki is often described as a "stress-reduction technique" or "a gentle hands-on therapy" for simplicity. My understanding is that Reiki is so much more. The Truth is that Reiki is the Holy Spirit - simply a Japanese word for It.

Reiki, being more than just therapy, can guide and heal one's life, therefore being a lifestyle and a spiritual path if one chooses to welcome It in that way. *(Reiki always respects free-will, so nothing is ever forced, but always happens once the proper readiness and willingness is there)

Reiki has saved and changed my life! I invite you to contact me and book a session to experience the amazing gifts of Reiki.

Thank you for reading! Divine Love and Light to you!

Heart like the Sun
Heart like the Sun
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Heart like the Sun
Heart like the Sun Reiki IET
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